Translation you can trust.

Accurate and clear English and Spanish translations

Translations that read like they were written in Spanish.

Spanish is the primary language spoken in 13% of homes in the United States. As a business, you don't want to miss this portion of the population as potential customers or employees. Translating marketing materials, brochures or internal documents is an important step to keeping your business relevant. Online translation tools often cause incomprehensible documents that lead to embarrassing and unprofessional mistakes. When you use Dori to translate your materials, you are guaranteed quality translations your target audience can relate to and understand.
No project is too big or too small, with competitive rates and fast turn around time.

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Over 40 years of professional experience across a variety of industries.​

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(530) 233-5536
Born in Cuba, Dori is completely bilingual in English and Spanish.


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Dori Kaplan Translations
Hear what Dori's past clients say about her work.

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